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  First, the content of cooperation

  1, all the planning, design, production: New Year carnivals, theme lantern, tourist attractions of the city.
  2, for the system: traditional and modern Chinese lanterns, lantern-dimensional cartoon international mandate, simulation dinosaurs, floats, color boat.

  Second, the cooperation model

  1, the cost of the lump sum:
  Partners in the way of lump sum fee, we entrust all the planning, design, production or program content for the system, we no longer participate in activities income distribution.
  2, the joint investment:
  We will light set as inputs to capital investment partners, organized in cooperation with its lantern or other exhibition events. According to "benefit sharing, risk sharing," the principle of ticket sales and other revenue exhibited by investment proportion negotiated allocation.
  3, the security at the end into the way:
This is a common form of Evolution on investment, paid in advance by the partners guarantee a certain amount of activity at the end cost, the two sides negotiate the proceeds according to proportional distribution.
  4. Information Cooperation:
Company operating in good faith principle of mutual benefit, sincerely welcome friends to cooperate with the relevant information to us. Since the information letter of cooperation mode according to the agreed fee.

  Third, on New Year Lantern Festival held, when the topic of the investment scale lantern carnivals production department :( for reference)

  1,20-30 million and for the urban population of about 100,000 in medium and small cities, exhibition venues 30-50 acres. Light group configuration for medium and small lanterns 18-20 group.

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