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  VYA Creative Lantern Co.,Ltd is a global China lights exhibition planning company, specializes in planning, design, production and lantern exhibition, also simulation dinosaurs and with the southern ice lantern exhibition from the company production characteristics. Since its establishment in 2005, has dozens of times in the domestic large and medium-sized city and around the world successfully exhibited large exhibit of lanterns, is currently the China lantern industrys largest, most in the foreign market performance China colored lantern exhibition company. One of the most famous international cartoon image of authorized production, such as: the 2003 Singapore "kitty cat and its friends in the world"; the 2004 Singapore "dream things Disneyland exhibit of lanterns"; 2005 Taiwan BBCA "shiny flew into the Disney World of myths lantern show"; the end of 2005 Taiwan Shangri-La paradise "2006 International fantasy cartoon - duo la A dream in the magical world of Singapore in 2007", "Mr Bean autumn trip" and so on.

  Especially the company as China - Canada national cultural exchange project -- "Canada" Chinese Lantern Festival "" planning, investment, manufacturer, for three consecutive years (2006 - 2008) in Canada, Toronto has successfully held the "Canada Chinese Lantern Festival". "Canada China Lantern Festival" on the deep Chinese culture and colorful lantern art created a stir in Canada and North America as a whole, 62 members of the news media to the full range of reports on the "China Lantern Festival", set off a wave of "Chinese heat in the northern hemisphere". Held in Canadas annual individual cultural exchange activities in various countries, the first time in more than one million visitors. In the Canadian Parliament polls report, public satisfaction There was no parallel in history. reached 96%. CCTV reported many times, the Xinhua News Agency "Reference News" in October 19, 2006 to "Toronto festival of lights lit Canada" Chinese hot "topic" has made detailed reports. Successfully held the "Canadian China festival of lights" is known as a banner of the Chinese lantern of foreign exchange.

  In 2012 and 2013, the company held in Dallas investment American "Dallas - Chinese Lantern Festival", once again achieved great success, Dallas City Hall spoke highly of the "Dallas - China Lantern Festival", and awarded honorary certificates. In 2014 the company to open up the European market, held "2014 British Chinese Lantern Festival" in Britain, Wilt Langliet, the palace of investment, huge market response. The British Royal actively participate in, a large number of mainstream media reported at home and abroad, the British BBC television filmed a special three part series, caused a sensation in britain.

  VYA Creative Lantern Co.,Ltd . Zigong lantern cultural relying on deep cultural background lamp lights, exquisite technology, good reputation assurance, had been successfully held "Chinese Lantern Festival", is China Ministry of culture as a China foreign key cultural output project.

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