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Lantern Exhibition lights up YilanChongqing Dazu Rock Carvings Appears in Taiwan
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China News reported, February 3rd, according to report from Taiwan Newspaper ‘United Daily News’
The lantern exhibition of Chongqing World Cultural Heritage Dazu Rock Carvings is about to lighten up in the Qinshui Park of Dongshan Lake, Yilan. In this lantern exhibition, there are 26 big lantern sets, such as 18-meter colorful Duobao Pagoda, Thousand-Hand Kwan-Yin Lantern. In those lantern sets, there are about 30 pieces of magnificent ancient-monument theme lanterns.
In past two days, the park tries lamps, which attracted lots of people who live nearby to come and watch. It is so romantic and colorful, even though it does not officially open yet, the exhibition is popular already.
Because Yilan does not have any big activities in Lantern Festival, The Association of Taiwans Tourism Products, Association of Tourism and Association of Business co-produced a series of activities called The Carnival of Chongqing Dazu Rock Carvings Lanterns. Tonight the opening ceremony starts, till the end of March 13th, which included the Lantern Festival and Western Valentines Day. This exhibition lasts for 40 days. All the lanterns are based on the real Dazu Rock Carvings.

Thousand-Hand Kwan-Yin Lantern Resource: Taiwan United Daily News
This exhibition is the first combination of the World Cultural Heritage Chongqing Dazu Rock Carvings and Lantern techniques of Zigong city, Sichuan province. The Chongqing Dazu Rock Carvings lanterns are made of 11 designers and about 200 artisans. It took about 3 years to complete 3000 lantern sets. This exhibition brought thousands of lanterns, which based on statues on the mountainside along the Yangtze River, to Qinshui Park of Dongshan Lake.

Colorful Duobao Pagoda Resource: Taiwan United Daily News

Among all the lanterns of this exhibition, including sleeping Buddha, Thousand-Hand Kwan-Yin, Four Heavenly Kings and Ten Emperors of Daming, the six great divisions in the wheel of karma, Lotus Boy, Pandas and Bamboo lantern set. Those are 12 important lantern sets in total, and all of them are 5 times bigger than the real rock carvings. Among those lanterns, the colorful Duobao Pagoda is the most attractive lantern. It is built by about 50,000 pieces of porcelain, and as high as 18 meters. Its the most difficult lantern to build among all of those lanterns. All of the porcelain filled up 4 big containers to get to Taiwan.
The exhibition area is based on the Parks landscape. Matching to the lake view, lanterns are very beautiful. In past two days, as the park was trying those lanterns, the wonderful and attractive view can be seen from far away. Around the exhibition area, there are also Food and Beverage Area, Cultural Creative Products Area, Taiwan Cultural Creative Products Area and Thousand-Hand Kwan-Yin Dance Area. On the weekends nights, there are two wonderful shows. Taiwan citizens can watch the show and experience the mystery of World Cultural Heritage.

Lanterns of Pandas from Sichuan, Tuantuan and Yuanyuan
Resource: Taiwan United Daily News

The very popular pandas from Sichuan, Tuantuan and Yuanyuan are copied into cute lanterns. Those lanterns are about to meet audiences in the coming exhibition. Resource: Taiwan United Daily News
What a rare chance! Said by Xiang Tianrong, the CEO of Dazu Rock Carving Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. The period time of exhibition contains the Lantern Festival and Valentines Day. This lantern exhibition welcomes everyone to go and visit. The full price is 380 yuan (New Taiwan Currency). With the Yilan citizens ID card, the price will reduce to 250 yuan (New Taiwan Currency). After entering the park, every lantern set equipped with a commemorative stamp stop. If the visitor gathers all of the stamps, he or she can get a monkey lantern.

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