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The Lantern Exhibition of Dazu Rock Carvings will open tomorrow in Yilan, Taiwan
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From February 3rd to March 13th, Qinshui Park, by Dongshan lake of Yilan, Taiwan, will hold the lantern exhibition of Dazu Rock Carvings. This exhibition is called Lantern Carnival.
Dongshan Lake of Yilan was lighten up by the lanterns of Dazu Rock Carvings! From February 3rd to March 13th, Qinshui Park, by Dongshan lake of Yilan, Taiwan, will hold the lantern exhibition of Dazu Rock Carvings. Tomorrow the park will officially open. Let me show you the magnificence of the carnival in advance!
The Golden Censer is extremely gorgeous
The Golden Censer lantern is inspirited by the Chenghua Censer from Ming dynasty at Dazu Baoding mountain scenic area. It has the meanings of burning incense at the top of Baoding, getting religious and peaceful mind. On the surface of the Censer, there are lots of different patterns, such as flowers, benevolent and moiré patterns. It used intaglio, embossment, openwork carving skill and circular engravure. The inscription is very exquisite.The Golden Censer is the masterpiece of Dazu Rock Carvings.

Four Heavenly Kings with a Imposing Momentum
Four guardian warriors are also called four heavenly kings. They are the Buddhist dharma. Those lanterns, such as the heavenly king from Piludong and the heavenly king from Pishamen of North Mountain. Those heavenly kings are all from Dazu Baoding Mountain. They are inspirited by Dazu Rock carvings as well. Let us have a look on the four heavenly kings. Do not you feel they have an imposing momentum?

The Duobao Pagoda made by fifty thousand pieces of porcelain
The Duobao Pagoda of Dazu is 33 meters high, and it is at the top of North Mountain. It is the combination of pavilion shape and thick eaves. This lantern section is based on the real Duobao Pagoda of Dazu. It is also the biggest lantern in Qinshui Park of Dongshan Lake. The whole pagoda is covered by porcelain. The scene seems quite spectacular!

Below are pictures for the porcelain pagodas production. It is made of fifty thousand pieces of porcelain, which filled up four containers. Those containers took one month to get to Taiwan. By knowing all the interesting facts, I am so shocked and surprised.

The Reclining Buddha is Quite Cute
This lantern set is inspirited by the Statues of Reclining Buddha from Dazu Baoding mountain scenic area. The Reclining Buddhas head faces the north; his feet face the south; his back against the east and his face towards the west. In front of his legs, there are two sala trees. Upon him, there are Mrs. Moye leading a team visit vacant space and compliment his holy character. Beneath him, there are his followers listening to his last edification.

Let us have a look on the Reclining Buddha lanterns. Do not you think they are cute?

The Light of The Goddess of Mercy Shines on Treasure Island
This lantern set is inspirited by the Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin Statues from Dazu Rock Carvings. The Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin is the most spectacular statues in Dazu Rock Carvings. There are 830 pairs of hands carved on 88 square meters of cliff surface. The shape of the statues looks like the peacock spreads its tail. It is very eye-dazzling. This statue is the very masterpiece among all the different Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin statues. It is called the national treasure of national treasures.

The guardian beast is charmingly naive
In front of the old gate of Baoding mountain, there was a guardian beast, which looks like a cat as well as a tiger. In the legend, Sichuan as country, it has lots of pandas. So ancient master engraver carved the guardian beast into the shape of panda. This lantern set is inspirited by that legend. Whats more, panda is also one of the most popular animals in Taiwan. These panda lanterns are very vivid and charmingly naive. Come and take photos with them!

Thanks to the Backroom Boys
After introducing all the lanterns, I am about to introduce all the backroom boys, the production team of lanterns, for this exhibition. Even though there are scores of lantern sets, these are made by more than 200 artisans. These lanterns took about 3 months to finish.


Every set of lanterns require artisans to go on site to design and draw the drafts. And then, artisans will put bulbs inside the frames of lanterns. The last step is to stick the silk on the frames. Any step of the whole process needs to be very careful, otherwise the result will not be as good as it was designed to be. Whats more, this exhibition has very big scale as well as high difficulty. It is absolutely a big production!

Tips for This Exhibition
To go to this lantern carnival, you can not only watch all the wonderful lanterns, but also can join different activities. Among all the big events, there are lantern festival, Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin Dance and carp lantern dance. There are also delicious food, creative cultural goods, cultural exhibition and photograph competition. It is very fascinating and interesting!
At this moment, the crap lantern dancers and Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin dancers are in the rehearsal. They are preparing for tomorrows opening ceremony.
In the end, I have to say that I will continue focus on and coverage of Dazu lantern exhibition. If you are interested in this event, please keep a watchful eye on Dazu in Hand!

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