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Grand Opening of “2015 United Kingdom - China Festival of Light”
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On November 12, 2015, "2015 United Kingdom - China Festival of Light" was solemnly opened. The viscount and viscountess of Longleat House presided over the opening ceremony. British politicians and nearly thousands of Chinese and foreign guests from different fields attended the opening ceremony.
The lantern festival this year has totally different styles and contents from last year. It uses colorful lanterns to display Chinese history in early Qin dynasty and Tang dynasty by combining the area designing with big lantern sets. Themes as Chinese vase and legends are also made into lantern sets. It riches not only the forms but also the contents this year, which makes this lantern festival fill with chinization as well as nationalization. By enjoying the Festival of Light, it makes British people understand Chinese Culture better and fill in love with it.
After around 3 months hard work in both China and United Kingdom, VYA company completed all the lanterns in very high quality. "2015 United Kingdom - China Festival of Light" was solemnly opened on 12th of November, 2015.

When all the lanterns were turned on, the beautiful lanterns light the Longleat House up. Theses lanterns made the peaceful Longleat House look like heaven. Visitors were full of praise to all the wonderful Chinese lanterns. Different news media reported the lantern production as well as the lantern show. The UKs largest news broadcatster --BBC,CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, the European Times and more than 10 well-known media organizations reported in detail for the lantern show.(With European Times)


Grand Opening of “2015 United Kingdom - China Festival of Light”

On the 12th of November,Chinese Festival of Light is held by Longleat House in Wilshire All the wonderful lanterns are made by artisans from Zigong, Sichuan Province. There are in total 23,000 lanterns which are made of different typical Chinese styles. Photo Resource:China News Agency)

Grand Dragon Boat Lanterns.(Photo Resource:China News Agency)

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